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Car Radio

So about 3 months ago, i left my car door window down a little too much and a wouldbe passer-by helped themselves to the contents of my car, taking with them my car stereo. now the stereo was not that great, in fact all we used was the aux to play music off our cell phones. seeing I had an old (edit) car stereo amp (12v) laying around with an aux input, I spent a weekend wiring it in to the car speakers. now this worked wonderful, with one pitfall -  the only volume controls were on the cell phone and the amp which got mounted under the dash.
so my wife asked if i could build something so she could adjust the volume form the normal driving position. i had just got an order in for some cheap Bluethooth dropin TTL Transceiver Module and had been playing around with some android apps and knew that with a good weekend of coding i could have a new working "stereo".

I have mainly been working with the Avr ATtiny85 chips but this was something I wanted to get work quickly so I pulled out my trusty Cypress PSoC® 5 FirstTouch™ Starter Kit. after finding my self an old RC control knob and fashioning pause/play button from an old clicky pen,a  2 liter cap and a momentary switch, I programmed the Psoc with and ADC for reading the RC controller position, a digital input pin for the pause/play and a counter for determining where the control knob is at after a set length of time, control register for led output, and lastly a Uart TX for sending commands via the ttl to the phone. 

The coding was short and sweet.  I posted the project on Github Psoc-Car-Stereo, (**lots of cleanup need**) buts it works.
the features that were implemented are.
  • Play / Pause
  • Volume up / down
  • Next track /  Prev  track.

I framed the consoles with old plastic coat hangers and hot glue.
added a 3.7v old cell phone battery for power.
You can see the "Button", the old RC control knob, and battery.

Here is a shot of the back to show the psoc and the prot-o-board connections. the Black rectangle in the top left
is the Bluetooth chip covered in heat shrink.

This is a shot of the back top showing the click pen and the momentary switch.

The top of the pen was removed so we have the pen and the spring without the clicking part.
the bottle cap had a hole drilled and the inside pin part was inserted and glued. a thread was attached to keep the pen from falling out the back side. the momentary switch was positioned where the pen would make contact when the "Button" was pushed.

Now I had some way of sending basic commands over Bluetooth.

next I moved to the android cell phone app. taking the post from XCaffeinated [android-beginners] Re: Serial over Bluetooth  as a starting point, added background threading and receiving and the thread to listen for the commands from the "Car Radio" .
the controls are designed to change the current aps volume. meaning you can contol media volume and cell volume whether or not you are in a call or listening to music.
the controls are mapped to 
  • AudioManager.ADJUST_RAISE
  • AudioManager.ADJUST_LOWER
there are 2 current problems with the app. if the "car radio" is powered off during use the app has to be killed and restarted. on closing the bluethooth connection I get a force close message. the code is very "brute force" but i was just playing with the proof of concept. my plans are to clean up and get a more friendly version i can release for the market. along with the following additional features:
  1. Device pairing and learning.*(allows any ttyl device to control your phone)*
  2. code cleanup and optimization.
  3. Some sort of link check to keep connection alive and to restart on power interuption.

after the code is cleaned up a little and if I get the force close message to stop i will be posting it to github.

here is a demo video showing the debug leds.


My First Prototype

Rfid spoofer top view

Pin-out for RFID reader

RFSpoof in programing mode

The Day has come

I had My Photo taking by Google...
This was when I was working at BCT that me looking at the Google street view car drive by.

This is my test of my...

This is my test of my first live journal post via my cellphone from the voice to text translation jott.

Powered by jott.com

car update

Yah, I know I'm a geek...
My new toy.

21 years of life...

Wow, the day has come.
any one want to go to the 12th ANNUAL OLYMPIC CLUB BREWFEST??
$1 bears

-1 day + -1 houre = 21 (lolz math)

Wow, what a week last week it did not even faze me that my b-day was coming, but now with it in sight, its becoming more and more present. To day was the first day on the phones at the new job,(as in, we all took calls all day), was cool, I think the new job will be ok, time will tell.

You got to love Facebook...

People on Facebook deiced to "Theme" all the days of May this year.
Hear is the post with the days and there links...

This is a part of the May Days of 2008 series. All 31 days of May have been designated their own theme. This was initially indended to be a small event series for my friends and I, but we figured we'd open it to the world. So, anybody may celebrate with us. You may do the whole series or choose specific days to participate in. Links to all 31 days are below. Enjoy.

reed moreCollapse )

its that time of year.

The Rules of Wedding Crashing-
I found this to be funny, practical, and down right good old fashion fun.
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{Removed} - Tribute

This was just fiction but now?
Was going to have a coworker print it off for him to pick up.
I have removed his name.

Please find this later to {Removed}, It is of the utmost importance.

Dear {Removed},
You might find this later to be disturbing, but please trust me when I say the words I speak, for they are true. I am writing you from the year 2013, the world has fallen to into an almost prehistoric like existence. Save a few reach buildings like this one. In 2012 433 Eros, was due to pass earth at ~ 16 million miles. Well, It came to close, there was a Coronal Mass Ejection, all the satellites where destroyed, With communications crippled, the next five days the word went form an utopia to a mass panic. With a large amount of water evaporated out of the oceans, the clement worldwide has changed.
I am telling you this because YOU have the power to change my world, in fact it is your world in ~4 years. You must lesson, a friend will come to you with a request to do something you do not normally do. This will talk place tomorrow evening. You will see a woman there with brown hair and black rimed glasses. You must talk to this woman. For it is your chilled, that will one day provides the need key to saving the world. For you and her are carriers of a very rare genetic trite. One that gives your cells a T54C mutation giving you are off spring
We did a complete cross compare of every human we had access to. Looking to see what two could make a mach. There have been only four matches that we are able to communicate with, for you are the last.
Time movies in a sort of wave, we only have access to a limited number places in time. Yet it is an once and only once change. After the wave passes, a moment in time is lost, there is no more influencing that now. We are very limited on what we are able to change. This letter was sent by changing the state of the Tx and Rx lines of the printer. Where you where on recorded of being at, currently.
Please believe me, the history of the human race is depending, on your completion of this is task.

This was written before I understood the solar activity in 2012 or the T54C mutation.
I new about the 433 eros but the rest, I just made up. After writing this I was poking around on the internet a found this page http://www.virologyj.com/content/4/1/5 .Visiting wikipedia to see that other doom's day that might be in stored for us I found out about the solar activity.

So I am calling it right hear and now...
The word end as described in the letter, and some how the T54C mutation will help things. I do not know. It was a fun letter to wright since it was going to be a joke.